New infosec products of the week: April 2, 2021

Elastic Security 7.12 accelerates threat hunting workflows and prevents ransomware

Elastic announced new updates across the Elastic Security solution in the 7.12 release to accelerate threat hunting and investigation workflows, prevent ransomware, and eliminate blind spots. Enhanced capabilities include analyst-driven correlation, behavioral ransomware prevention, and unmatched data lookback with schema on read, searchable snapshots, and cross-cluster search.

infosec products April 2021

McAfee unveils MVISION CNAPP, a new security service designed to secure cloud native applications

MVISION CNAPP delivers consistent data protection, threat prevention, governance, and compliance throughout the cloud-native application development lifecycle for container and OS-based workloads. MVISION CNAPP empowers the Security Operations Center (SOC) by mapping cloud native threats to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework for Cloud.

infosec products April 2021

Solvo’s cloud security solution addresses future changes and new apps’ component deployments

Solvo announced the general availability of its cloud security solution designed to solve cybersecurity challenges that both developers and security teams are experiencing today. The solution integrates with existing workflows versus trying to change them, and addresses growing security challenges by creating and maintaining a least-privilege security policy for cloud native applications.

infosec products April 2021

Siemens unveils Veloce, a hardware-assisted verification system

Siemens unveiled its next-generation Veloce hardware-assisted verification system for the rapid verification of highly sophisticated, next-generation integrated circuit (IC) designs. This integrated offering combines virtual platform, hardware emulation, and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) prototyping technologies and paves the way to leverage the latest powerful hardware-assisted verification methodologies.

infosec products April 2021

Sysdig introduces unified cloud and container security with the launch of CSPM

Sysdig announced the addition of unified cloud and container security with the launch of continuous cloud security posture management (CSPM). By pairing the Sysdig cloud security capabilities announced today with its container security features, teams can identify the entire attack chain and respond to threats faster. Introduced as a free tier, Sysdig CSPM capabilities are indefinitely free for one cloud account.

infosec products April 2021

Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform now offers real-time threat and anomaly detection in the cloud

The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform now offers new security analytics. Threat Stack now allows organizations to proactively assess and strengthen an organization’s security posture by quickly accessing, filtering, and visualizing security data. The platform presents security analytics in a highly visual, easy to consume user interface directly within the Threat Stack platform.

infosec products April 2021

HID HydrantID ACM solves difficult digital certificate lifecycle management problems

HID Global announced the HID HydrantID Account Certificate Manager (ACM) solution that eliminates manual, risk-prone processes for tracking, installing and renewing privately-issued as well as trusted SSL/TLS certificates. The solution supports the industry’s broadest range of certificate automation requirements under a single annual subscription fee.

infosec products April 2021


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