Introducing ‘And THAT’S That!,’ A HuffPost Podcast Centering Black News And Culture

Looking for a place where you can catch up on the latest in Black politics and social justice news, do a deep dive on your favorite music videos — *ahem* “Black Is King” — and recap the week’s top stories? 

Well, look no further than “And THAT’S That!,” a new weekly podcast from HuffPost that covers news, culture and everything in between. Hosted by Ja’han Jones, Taryn Finley and Shaquille Romblay, “And THAT’S That!” will drive discussion about pressing issues facing Black communities while leaving much-needed room to celebrate the Black experience.

Expect nuanced roundtable discussions about the news, interviews with esteemed guests who put on for the culture, and plenty of laughs — with a dash of mess and madness. 

Black America has gone through it all in the past few months: enduring the COVID-19 pandemic, mourning Black lives taken by police violence, watching our heroes become ancestors and experiencing everyday injustices. With “And THAT’S That!” Jones, Finley and Romblay aren’t just offering a rundown of the news, but a virtual living room where listeners can process the heaviness and balance it out with joy.

Listen to a trailer for “And THAT’S That!” below.

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“And THAT’S That!” is produced and edited by Izzy Best, Nick Offenberg and Sara Patterson. If you have a question or a comment about the show or a suggestion for an episode, email us at


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