United States Department Of Justice – Phone Masters – Sep 16, 1998

On Sep 16, 1998 Corey Lindsly and Calvin Cantrell are the major ringleaders in a computer hacker organization, known as the “Phone Masters,” whose ultimate goal was to own the telecommunications infrastructure from coast-to-coast.  In addition to the numerous telecommunications systems that were penetrated, the group also penetrated computer systems owned by credit reporting agencies, utility providers, and systems owned by state and federal governmental agencies, to include the Nation Crime Information Center (NCIC) computer.  These hackers organized their assaults on the computers through teleconferencing and utilized encryption program PGP to hide the data which they traded with each other. United States Attorney Coggins acknowledged the courage of Sprint Corporation, Southwestern Bell Corporation and GTE for coming forward to report this hacking into their computer system to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. United States Attorney Coggins encourages all businesses who believe their computer systems may have been compromised or hacked into, to report it to the authorities. They hacked long distance calling card numbers and selling these stolen calling card numbers.


Sep 16 2021

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