My Kung Fu Is Stronger Than Yours – Dec 25, 1994

On Dec 25. The computers of computer security expert Tsutomu Shimomura in San Diego experienced an IP spoofing hacker attack. The attack was launched by Kevin Mitnick from the domain in San Francisco via a computer owned by John Gilmore. On December 27, 1994, Shimomura received a message “Damn you, my technique is the best” on the voice mail. Three days later the caller left another message, starting with a kung fu scream and saying: “Your security technique will be defeated. Your technique is no good”. Shimomura’s search for the hacker ultimately led him to Kevin Mitnick, but the caller was identified as phone hacker and pranker Zeke Shif. Shif later explained: “I heard that this guy named Shimomura had been hacked… So I just thought, What the hell, I’d leave some voice mails. I used to watch kung fu movies a lot”. The phrase had been attributed to Mitnick until Shif’s identity was revealed. Shif also made it very clear that he had nothing to do with any hacking, or anything Mitnick had done, and that he was just making fun of kung fu movies.


Dec 25 2021

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