Donald Trump Jr. Goes Full ‘Super Spreader’ At Indoor Campaign Stop

At Donald Trump Jr.’s event in Panama City Beach, Florida, supporters filled a small Holiday Inn meeting room, mostly without social distancing and masks, video posted by The Recount shows. Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis also appeared.

Twitter users decried the gathering as a “super spreader” threat.

Despite the danger, Brittany Stoll, a Sarasota nurse who has worked with coronavirus patients and did bring a mask, was undeterred.

“COVID doesn’t come knocking at your door,” Stoll told the Tampa Bay Times. “So if you feel uncomfortable with it, just stay home.”

Later in the day, Trump Jr. moved outside to stump in Tampa at a towing company parking lot in an event that nevertheless flouted Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

“The coronavirus didn’t seem to exist at the event,” the Tampa Bay Times wrote, adding: “The scene was reminiscent of the White House Rose Garden ceremony late last month that’s now directly linked to a dozen positive coronavirus cases. Rows of chairs, side by side. People hugging and taking maskless selfies. Conversations, leaned in and yelled over speakers blaring R.E.M. and Michael Jackson.”

Here’s video:

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