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United States News

Cyber Security Firm Palo Alto Network's Third Quarter Loss Widens

Regulators: cybersecurity poses biggest risk to global financial system

San Antonio a national leader in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Company Agari Raises $22M For E-Mail Shield

Congress is so bad at cybersecurity, two lawmakers sent advice to colleagues

Scam company impersonates cybersecurity brands, tricks hundreds out of money

Where The 2016 Candidates Stand On Cybersecurity And Civil Liberties

Interpol: AI will change cyber security landscape in a few years

Overnight Cybersecurity: House defense bill would elevate Cyber Command

Cybersecurity companies show more interest in Colorado expansion

Inside the government's secret NSA program to target terrorists

SEC: Cyber security is the biggest risk to the global financial system

SAP to double down on cybersecurity strategy

Sextortion as cybersecurity: Defining cyber risk too narrowly

Watson takes on cybersecurity

Hurd Applauds Cybersecurity Bill

Cybersecurity special report: Ransomware will get worse, hackers targeting whales, medical devices and IoT trigger new vulnerabilities

Inside Endgames Cybersecurity Stronghold in Virginia

New method of producing random numbers could improve cybersecurity

Cybersecurity sleuths learn to think like hackers


U.S. Department of Homeland Security

The White House

Department of Defense

United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team

Center for Internet Security

National Cyber Security Alliance

Cybersecurity -

Cybersecurity -

Cybersecurity -

The MITRE Corporation - Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity -

Cyber Security Awareness - NASCIO

Inside Cybersecurity

Information Systems Security Association

Cybersecurity for Small Business

FBI - Cyber Crime

Cybersecurity Framework

Cybersecurity -


Cyber Security Resources - NCUA

Cybersecurity -

Cyber Security Summit


The Wire - Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity -

Cybersecurity -

Cybersecurity Law Institute

Cybersecurity -

Federal Cybersecurity R&D

Cybersecurity -


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World News

Debunking seven fundamental cyber-security myths

Brazilian companies rank worst among major economies on cyber security: report | Reuters

The Booming Business of Cyber Security

7 common cyber security myths debunked

Forces Clash over Auto Cyber Security

Here's proof your cybersecurity efforts might totally fail

Two hours and 1,600 fake credit cards later: $13 million is gone

Reimagining the Cybersecurity Profession

Hacker allegedly stole $2 million worth of airline tickets through phishing scam

How businesses will win the cybersecurity war

Medical identity theft a hot topic at cybersecurity event

No Silver Bullet Will Kill Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity investment to reach $400 million due to IoT threats

At time of Fed hack, Bank of Bangladesh targeted by others: Source

Singapore, Philippines central banks move to tighten cyber security

How Israel Became a Cybersecurity Superpower

100pc of retailers worried about cyber security

7 reasons to gamify your cybersecurity strategy

A surprising source of hackers and costly data breaches

5 Cybersecurity Threats Businesses Should Watch Out for in 2016

Journals and Magazines

International Journal of Cyber-Security and Digital Forensics (IJCSDF)

National Cybersecurity Institute Journal

Journal of Information Assurance & Cybersecurity

Journal of National Security Law & Policy

Cyber Security and Information Systems Information Analysis Center

Journal of Conflict & Security Law

Journal of Sensitive Cyber Research and Engineering (JSCoRE)

Harvard Law School National Security Journal

Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility



TechRepublic – Security

Wired Threat Level

Zero Day from ZDNet

CERIAS Security Blog

Google Online Security Blog

Red Tape Chronicles

InformationWeek Security

Internet Storm Center

Schneier On Security

Securelist Cyber Security Blog

Symantec Weblog

The Guardian’s Information Security Hub

Zone Alarm Cyber Security Blog

BH Consulting’s Security Watch Blog

Contagio Malware Dump

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